10 things that affect the outcome of your vision
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10 Things That Affect the OutCome of Your Vision.

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What's Your Next Chapter?

What you do will either propel you or derail you from your vision.

We all have ideas or dreams we would like to have manifest.

Are you doing the right things to get you there?

Below are ten things that affect the outcome of your vision.


Your to-do list.


If you don’t have a to-do list, then you probably don’t have a plan. Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You simply must have a to-do list with actions steps your taking on a daily basis that get you closer to your goal.

If you leave it up to chance, then there is a good chance nothing will get done. (Note to self)

Great ideas are usually forgotten, so write them down! I suggest taking pen to paper and writing that to-do list down. Then take action every day by doing the things that get you closer to your vision. Big or small action steps taken consistently will get you closer than no action at all.


Your Attitude


Your attitude depicts your altitude.

(How far you will go in life with anything). You have to keep a positive attitude. I’ll add to that, as best you can because I know that life gets in the way. How about … you will need a somewhat optimistic attitude when life gets hard or fear and doubt comes along. An upbeat attitude will keep you moving forward and seeing the vision as attainable.

Your attitude can either keep you grounded on send you soaring! Altitude.


Your Thoughts


Your thoughts and beliefs reflect your reality. We are the sum of our perceived feelings, ideas, and actions. You wouldn’t be where you are now without first having a thought that leads to a belief, and then taking necessary action steps to get you there.

You have to believe that you can, and you will accomplish something before it can happen. Your vision is unique to you only. No one will believe in you more than YOU!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will – Suzy Kassem (writer).


Your Friends


You are only as successful as the company you keep. There is a good chance you won’t get ahead or do better in life, surrounded by those who are not motivating or inspiring you to do so.

I love the saying: People who do nothing want you to do nothing with them.

Or people who are going nowhere want to you to go nowhere with them. Don’t be that person. Don’t hold people back.

You can’t accomplish your goals or dreams wasting time. Be productive and don’t waste time or allow others to waste your time for you! Instead, surround yourself with overachievers be a sponge and learn from them what you can. Join a mastermind group, hire a coach, or find a mentor.


Your Life/Lifestyle


Your vision for your life will affect what you choose to do and what you choose not to do. How you carry yourself and as I mentioned above who you decide to hang around. How you talk, dress, and present yourself to others. 

I must say as I have gotten older, there are things I use to do that I won’t do now. Those old actions and bad habits don’t apply to the new vision. 


Your Diet


 I have struggled with my weight and diet my whole life. Picturing a better, more accomplished lifestyle for myself helped me to see my health in a whole new light. Exercising is important to me and should be done most days of the week, even when you don’t feel like it. My food preferences have also changed. I love sweets, but I know that they can only be had in moderation. I no longer what to be full of junk foods that lead to sickness and guilt. Why? It’s not apart of the bigger picture.


Your Values


What’s important to you? Who is important to you? Do you value your time, money, family, and your health? If so, then the vision for your life will incorporate these things and become a priority. You will make better decisions based on what you value.


Your Library.


I would not be where I am today without books on personal development and success habits. Your library can include the books you read, the video you consume, or your music playlist. What you put in is what you get out.

Continuous self-improvement at every stage of life helps us to enhance our strengths, overcome our weakness, move past our comfort zones, and become better versions of ourselves.


Your vision clarifies your purpose.


Have a strong “why” for your vision. Know what you do want and become clear on what you do not want. Clarity will help you to take action with purpose and achieve results.


Attracts the Right Resources


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Obviously, I love motivational quotes. You won’t learn a thing when you are not ready to receive that information. What you are being told will go in one ear and right out the other. You can’t force things on people. They have to be ready to do the hard work that comes along with change.

When you are ready to receive, then your mentor will appear. I believe in synchronicities; I also think some things happen in life for a reason. Maybe to teach us some important lesson. To accept this you must address life with an open heart and mind. Like a movie unfolding, you may be able to see how past events or experiences lead you to where you are today.

As you can see, there are so many things that affect the outcome of your vision. Hopefully by being aware and focusing on whats important the chances of you manifesting your vision are greater.

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