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5 Ways of Thinking to Change… Right NOW!

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5 Ways of Thinking to Change…Right Now!


Your mindset and the way you think can either set you up for failure or success. Your way of thinking will either increase your confidence and chances of success, or cause you to fail miserably with fear and self-doubt.


The only way to change this is to notice these mindsets within yourself, and to make a conscious effort in correcting them.


Below are five mindsets that can hinder your success and keep you stagnate.


Blaming Mindset 


Let’s blame the new guy! Sounds good to me. LOL.


It’s much easier to blame others’ verses taking the blame ourselves. After all, Excuses come easy. Besides it takes the pressure off of us!


We must own-up and take responsibility for our mistakes or unfavorable outcomes. Learning and growing can result from us taking responsibility. We also mature and become better as a when we do so.


You cannot succeed if you think you’re blameless in life.



It may be easier to consider, there are NO such things as mistakes…only lessons learned. Take note and move on, this will improve your performance and keep you from making the same mistake in the future.


Approval Mindset


Where’s my cookie!!! Another sign of immaturity that will hold you back from success is seeking approval of others. I’ll admit it feels good to receive recognition for your achievements. I am only saying do not let that be the end-all and be-all of your motivation and success.


You have to stay focused on doing your best and remind yourself that you can’t control how others will respond to you or your work. Stop seeking approval and prove to yourself that you are capable!


 Negative Mindset


We’ve all had our bad days; it seems like nothing is going our way. Maybe, I just want to mope and wallow in my own self-pity. Ok but that can’t last longer than a day and we cannot stay in that mindset.


It’s pretty obvious that chronic negativity can lead to depression. When you view everything in a negative light, it’s easy to stay down and negative. The longer you’re filled with negativity, the more tired you will feel and the more drained you will feel.


The less productive you’ll be and the less pleasant you’ll be to be around. Negativity leads to an overall pessimistic and doubtful outlook. This makes you less open to new ideas and new opportunities which can not only stunt your growth and development in life.


Thinking negatively only works if it is your job to deliberately plan solutions to dealing with worst-case scenarios that may occur. Otherwise, leave the what-ifs behind you. Predicting disastrous outcomes really only leads to increased anxiety and nerves.


Second-Guessing Mindset


While reflecting on the decisions you’ve made in the past can be good… second-guessing is different altogether.


Second-guessing is usually major indecisiveness of minor decisions.


Example… being in aisles of Target for an excessive amount of time deciding on the right toilet tissue to buy. Only to return to the same aisle 30 minutes later to change tissues. These are decisions that the outcomes of which don’t really matter. Choose and move on!


When it comes to making BIG decisions, I do agree that you should take your time and consider all the outcomes. Whether you have to make a pros and cons list, make sure it is right decision for you and all involved.


If you feel confident that you thoroughly thought through a decision and made the best choice with the options presented at the time…then go with it and don’t look back! You did your best! Second-guessing can weaken your confidence and ability to make decisions. 


 Self-Doubt Mindset


If you’re full of self-doubt, the chances of you succeeding are very slim. FACTS! You need confidence in order to achieve success, and confidence cannot exist where self-doubt thrives.


You have own and display confidence in yourself and your decisions to succeed. Perhaps, FAKE it time you make it! “A person who is confidently wrong is more likely to succeed than someone who is doubtfully right”

You can’t go into anything doubting yourself or thinking yourself incapable of handling it. This type of thinking can cause you to fail where you otherwise might would have succeeded.


It’s essential to try and keep a positive mindset when trying to achieve success. I have had to tell myself this over and over again. Focus on the positives, what you’re good at rather than where you’re failing, where you’ve improved rather than what you’ve done wrong. What you’ve learned rather than the mistakes you have made. This can help to ensure you stay in the right mindset throughout your journey to success.


Mindset is half the battle when it comes to achieving success. As a man thinketh… so is he, read the book I think you will like it too! A man’s outcome is the sum total of his thoughts, beliefs and actions. Choose your thoughts wisely!




Be Encouraged,



 Recommended Reading:  As A Man Thinketh by James Allen


Are you ready to change your Mindset and reach your goals?

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