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Blogging for Coaches.

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Why Blogging for Coaches???


Simply put…Brand Awareness. 


Your blog just like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Podcast, and Youtube are avenues of brand awareness for your coaching business. It is how you share your content with your prospective clients.  

Not only do YOU share your own content on social sites, but you encourage your readers to share your content with the social sharing icons I have above and below this blog post. 

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Marketing for your Coaching Business


Blogging is a great way to get traffic to your site and more eyes on your content. You showcase your expertise while engaging with your readers, encouraging action, and inspiring others. 

I like blogging because naturally, I express my self better in writing versus speaking. It’s a place for me to organize my thoughts and my content before repurposing it to video recordings, or audio for presentations. 


Which leads me to the next tip… Repurposing. 


I use the main points in my blog post to share with my subscribers on YouTube. Maybe you have chosen Podcasting a traffic source to your website. You can share your blog content on your Podcast or vice versa. 

Use the above click to tweet button to share on Twitter also, share your new posts on your insta-stories. 


Showcase your Expertise.


Your blog gives helpful, actionable tips to your readers, allowing you to portray your authority in your niche or on a particular topic. A client may be so pleased with the information you have shared in your blog that they can now envision how you can help them in other areas. 

Some coaches are concerned with oversharing their content. Blog content is a Preview of your coaching services. It is how you can help everyone, even the clients you can not work with one-on-one. 


Making Offers and Promotion. 


Your blog is a great place to offer a call to action like hoping on a discovery call with you or joining your Facebook group or subscribing to your email list. 

You can provide opt-ins or freebies on your website and offer a subscription to your newsletter via newsletter. 

You can also promote your previous content that relates, such as if you would like a step-by-step guide to starting your blog, read my posts The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Blog. 


In Your Writing.


 These blog posts should be relatable. As if you were speaking to a close friend. Share your lifestyle, experiences, and expertise with your readers. NOT an essay paper with loads of scientific information. 

People go to coaches for real-life, actionable information. Textbooks and courses can give you tons of information, but a coach can help you apply it! A coach can save you time and money, trial, and error while keeping you focused on the right things. 

Be consistent in your posting your content. If for you, that looks like once a month or once a week. Your readers will know when to check your website for new content.

Not to mention, blogging will help you build that infamous Know, Like, and Trust factor with your audience as they get to know you through your content. 

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