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Beginners Guide to Choosing a Profitable Niche.

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Choosing a Blogging Niche



Let’s define the word niche and related words for better understanding. A google search from defines niche as a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. Related words include a calling, ideal position, job or opportunity.


Passion Interest. 




You may start with asking yourself what do you enjoy doing, what are your gifts, strengths or passions? Since blogging requires a lot of writing you most definitely want to pick something you are passionate about. Something you don’t mind spending time talking about days even years from now. Not to say you can’t pivot or change topics altogether but, for now there is lots of content to be created on this one idea or interest.  



For me, I started with taking a look at my personal library. What books am I reading the most?  I also love YouTube so what content am I researching and watching most often?



Me, I am constantly watching how to videos, motivational speeches and lifestyle vlogs from influencers. Tips, tools and advice on blogging and business coaching.



So after acquiring hours of watch time and learning all about blogging from my mentor Suzi, I found that I love blogging and helping others too! I would greatly enjoy sharing my ideas and things I have learned with my readers and followers also. In my blogs and on my YouTube channel.



Narrow It Down.



So you’ve probably come up with multiple things you would love to blog about. But you have to narrow it down. You want to appeal to a select group of readers versus being unrelatable to many.



Start with a list of about 10 interest then try to narrow that down to about 3. You want to become specific in the type of content you want to write about. You want your readers to say I can to go Denia’s blog for this type of content. If you have multiple interest that are similar you may be able to intertwine them together. Or later start a separate blog on that topic. 



 For example, this blog is also  about my love for personal development, mindset and better living. When writing on this blog I only discuss topics related to this niche. I was able to branch off of that one idea and add other parts to this blog. I have always wanted to create my own statement shirts. So I did just that and I opened my online store with my favorite quotes & bible verses. I then added book reviews to the blog, but still related to the same niche. I have a few other ideas which down the road I may be able to add also.


Be Unique.



You may hear that a niche you choose is over saturated. If you picked a popular topic then how can you stand out? What do you see from your research where you may be able to add your ideas?



And obviously… you are unique! You have your past history of skills and life experiences that you bring to the table that no one else can. Share your story with your readers. Do you have a funny sense of humor? Let it show. Your readers while appreciate this transparency because they feel like they really know you.



Blog Worthy Content. 




What’s in it for your reader? You may think, who are my readers and who do I want them to become, learn or know after reading my post? Do research in your selected niche. Are there questions, desires or problems you can solve for your readers? Where do you find this information? Maybe a quick Google search with commonly asked questions on the topic or in a Facebook Group that you belong too.



Even search for ideas in the comments sections of your favorite YouTuber’s videos or other blog post. Then create relatable content around these ideas while answering the questions of your readers. Now write an in-depth article with about a 1000-word count. And spill all the tea honey! 



 Read More on blogging content ideas in my post How to Create the Best Blog Content.






Some people blog as a hobby like sharing your diary pages with your reader. Maybe you want a community of supporters for an issue you are dealing with. What better way than blogging to get your story out. You will find other people just like you are searching for someone who understands them and who may can help them with their problem.



Or maybe you want to turn this hobby into something you can make money while doing something you enjoy. If so, keep reading this section is for you! There are multiple ways to make money while blogging which, I plan to go into great detail on in other post. But, for now here are the main ways most bloggers generate revenue from their blogs.


  • Ads or commercials (if on a visual platform.) Companies will pay you to have their ads displayed on your blog given you have the approach traffic or so many visitors that come to read your blog on a monthly basis.



  • Affiliate marketing.This is where a brand for example Nike… will pay you to market for their product. You will receive a commission or base amount for any sales they receive generated through a web link provided to you once joining their affiliate program. This is at no extra cost to the reader or anyone who uses the link but, just an added incentive for you promoting their product. So far I have started with Share-a-Sale and Clickbank and they have thousands of products to choose from.


  • Products.This could be your products or someone else’s. Like my T-shirt store for example. On my webpage I can sell and advertise my own products for a profit.



  • Services.You can promote your services on your blog. Like if you are a business or life coach, financial advisor, freelancer or virtual assistant you can offer theses services on your blog. I assist beginner bloggers with starting their website so feel free to reach out to me if you are needing help!


  • Sponsored post. This is when a brand asks you to review and give an honest opinion of their product. Not to mention the added benefit of receiving free products. But if you love it you can share this information with your readers. #winning. 

Think of how these ways of making money apply to your niche. Is there a way you can monetize your site with one or more of the ways listed above?



Rule of thumb, high traffic and high engagement to your site will generate the most profit. 


 If you’re decided on a niche now we can discuss How to Start Your Blog


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Are you ready to finally start that blog?

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