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Don’t Do What is Easy! Tips to Becoming More Successful.

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“If you do what is easy, your life will be hard” – Les Brown.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard- Les Brown Click To Tweet



It’s easy to eat bad quick foods.
Easy to go with the flow.
Easy to stay in routine and habit.
Easy not to work towards an uncomfortable goal.
It’s easy not to feel the pain and fear and just give up!


Don’t do what is easy.


Only when you are willing to move forward maybe even move mountains to get to where you want to be, then will you become successful.

Listen to your heart, not your brain. Your brain will analyze and rationalize the situation and talk you out of any goal or achievement you may have. The bible says to walk by faith, not by sight!

You don’t need to see the whole staircase to know more steps are to come. Right? You’re not driving down the road thinking… yea this will end soon!

You only see as far as your brain will allow.


If all the great motivational speakers and successors say a man is what he thinks he is. Then Think Ahead! Live from your future.

Envision yourself doing or achieving your goal. Envision in your mind’s eye who you want to be and where you want to go.

Take MASSIVE Action to reach that goal. You should know where energy goes, energy flows.

Do all that you can and God or the Universe (however you want to look at it) will do he rest. Things will happen in the background, things you can’t see now are working out for you.

The right people are being lined up.

The right scenario is being formed to present to you.

You just get ready! Keep working. Don’t give up. Don’t stop taking action.


You are the creator of your destiny 


You must understand you are the creator of your own Destiny. Your present position is due to a collection of your thoughts,  desires and actions that have gotten you to where you are now.

What did you do to get here?

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

Was it easy ??

I bet it wasn’t easy. You’ve forgotten those hard times and difficult days. Why? Because you are not currently in the trenches. You are now living your dream and have fulfilled that achievement.

This also applies to any new, bigger, better scarier desire you may have for life.

Don’t settle for what is easy. Otherwise, you would still be where you were. Stagnate, afraid and unsuccessful. You are where you are now because you took those steps and did hard things.


Tips to becoming more Successful.


  • Be more Disciplined.
  • Commit to Daily Focus.
  • Train and Develop Your Mind.
  • Take Massive Action.
  • Don’t Give Up!
  • Don’t Procrastinate!
  • Don’t Waist Time. (or have other people waist your time for you) Meh Face.
  • Don’t Do What is Easy!


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