How to Create Content for Your Ideal Coaching Client
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How to Create Content For Your Ideal Coaching Client.

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How to Create Content for Your Ideal Coaching Client

If you can be the expert in your niche, your clients and soon-to-be-clients will know to go to you for support; and offer your name and services to others who are also looking for help. 

The riches are in the niches- they say. And it’s true! Narrow down your ideal clients to the T! That way, your content speaks specifically to their needs. Be an authority! 

When it comes to creating content for your unique clients, start with research and coming up with a list of their main problems and concerns. 


Research, Research, Research 


Join targeted facebook groups where your ideal clients hang. Then scroll through the feed, read the comments. 

Since you are already there, offer advice NOW where you can. 


(Just don’t go back five years ago and comment on old posts. That’s kinda Creepy!)


What are the most common questions asked in the group?


What are the most common complaints? 


Pay attention to the language that they use. What words do they use to describe a topic or a situation? Go ahead now and jot those words down. You will use this same lingo in your sells copy to speak directly to your ideal client using their own words. 

When your ideal client reads your content, they will think she is speaking directly to me. She knows what I need. 

Another way of doing research is by offering to interview a few people in your specific niche. Send out a post on your social site stating how you are working on perfecting your service and or product and would like to set up a few interviews for research. 


Content Creation. 


There are multiple ways to create content for your ideal clients. For me, I always start with my blog posts. I love to write and express myself much more comfortably by writing out my content first. 

You may be good at creating bullet points and then sitting down to record a video or a podcast first. Some people express themselves easier in writing or by speaking. However, this process works best for you. 

You can then section this content down into smaller pieces and share it on your social media sites or in a newsletter. This is called Repurposing! Say it with me this time! Repurposing. 

Coaching requires lots of researching, content creation, and marketing. So use your time wisely. Create your content once and use it in various places. 


When creating your content. 


Talk about the problem. 


In your writing, describe how the issue makes them feel and how it is impacting their life or business. Discuss how not fixing the problem is costing them time and money. (depending on your niche) 


Build authority. 


Talk about common mistakes and myths. Discuss how your approach is different and how you can help. Share your story. Share your clients’ stories. 


Offer a solution. 


You can do this with a call to action. Invite your potential client to a free call with you. Or get in their DM’s and PM’s!

Send them to a webinar or your private Facebook group. 


Build Relationships! 


You are now equipped with tips and tricks on how to create content for your ideal coaching clients! Now go out there and make me proud!  

And if you need more help, you can Learn more here! 

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How to Create Content for Your Ideal Coaching Client