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How to Create the Best Blog Content.

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When starting my blog I had so many questions on what to write about? How can I form a great blog post that someone would benefit from and enjoy reading? After months of research and multiple blogging courses later… I can now share those tips with you! I am going to tell you all the secrets I found on how to create the best blog content. 


The title.


For example, when you pick up a book you do not read the contents without first reading the title. I think its safe to bet no one does that. The Title catches your eye and lures you in. And in the online world, you need an added boost to get that title recongized.


 What is she talking about!


Keyword research! You must research the keywords in your title on Google before deciding on your title name. There is a chrome plugin you can add to your Google browser called Keyword Everywhere that gives you results on the most commonly searched for words using the topic you input. This basically gives you a boost on your Google rankings when someone searches for an article with the same keywords you put in your title.


 When deciding on what to write about.


You should also view the top-ranked articles in a Google search on your topic. When was this article last updated? Google loves fresh content and that is just what you plan to create. How many words were used in those articles? Set a goal of 1000+ words per post but, 2000+ words is recommended. In your post make sure you are using your keywords throughout.


Other places to get content ideas.


 Use search engines like, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google to see what people are searching for. In any of those platforms you can start to type a word and the most commonly used phrases will be generated as you type.



Draw inspiration from other people places or things. I love to visit Pinterest and places like hobby lobby for visual inspiration. Also listening to others on podcast.




Ask the Public . is a free website that you can ask a question and get many other related questions. I did a simple search on the website for how to start a blog and received over 400+ questions other people were searching for on this very topic! You could attempt at answering all those questions broken down into hundreds of articles that you create. That alone might keep you busy with content ideas for months maybe even years. 





 Do a search for forums on your topic. What types of questions are people asking there that may help you with creating new blog content? Popular forms like Reddit and Quora are good places to start. 


The Intro.


The very first paragraph of your article should be your hook. The hook grabs the readers attention This tells your readers what to expect in the context of your post. It lets them know why they may want to keep reading. Will you be teaching them something? How will this post help them? Is there interesting information in your post that they must know. It there an outcome you lead to in your intro that the reader now wants to find out what happened or what happens next? These are important questions you must ask yourself when writing the introduction to your blog post. What gets you intrigued to a good movie or book? 


Main info.



Tell the story. Answer the question you asked in the Intro or title. A good post:


  • Inspires curiosity
  • triggers an emotion
  • teaches the reader something
  • solves a problem
  • promises value


Never lead to something that you don’t plan to write about in the article. You may have heard of something called clickbait. No one wants to be cohersed into clicking on an article only to find out it was not what they thought it was. 


In your writing


  Show authority and give great insight on your topic. This can only be done by doing all the research needed beforehand. Don’t be alarmed if this takes hours to accomplish. You may not be an expert on the topic but if you do your research then your readers can tell you are well informed and knowledgable. Let your personality show. Share a personal story. Be personable, like you are talking with an old friend. 


Visual Appeal.



Forget everything you learned in grad school about writing the perfect APA format paper. When someone comes to your page looking for information they want something scannable and easy to read. Use a larger font for your headings, break up text with short paragraphs, use underlining, and different fonts or colors. This helps with making your article skimmable and easy to digest.


Break up rows and rows of text with images, quotes, video or screenshots. Try to make your post visually appealing to the reader. Like inside of a magazine. Give them something to look at. Now that I am older I don’t mind reading books without pictures, but I also like to keep my blog appealing to all types of readers.




The Conclusion should summarize the article. Go over main points again. Summarize your article in a few sentences or uses bullet points or numbered information. Ask a question at the end of your blog, this sparks engagement. Link to other articles on your site in order to keep the reader on your page longer and reading your other post. Include a call to action at the end of your article. Ask the reader to Share the content if they found it helpful. Subscribe to your page for more tips and updated post releases. Also, you can add email opt-ins, freebies and a printout transcript of your article for your readers to refer back too. 

To sum it all up, if you utilize the suggestions in this article you can rest assure you have created a great blog post. Starting is half the battle and you will only get better as you become more confident and knowledgeable in your content. So go do your research and prepare to create your best blog post! 

I have also included 15 of my favorite content post ideas. Download below and leave a comment… what do you do to get your best content? 😊 


15 Blog Content Ideas

Keep Yourself Busy For Months with Content Creation Ideas and Examples for Your Blog! 


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