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How to find you first few coaching clients.

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How to Create Content for Your Ideal Coaching Client

One of the biggest struggles of new coaches if finding their first few paying coaching clients.  

So you have finally finished your coaching certification program, but they did not assist you with getting all the necessary steps in place to launch your new online coaching business. 

Maybe you are currently a service provider, and you would like to take your years of skills and expertise online. You are passionate about what you do and the service that you offer. Taking your services online will help you create the life of your dreams and significantly increase your impact on the lives of your clients. 

In this article, I am going to teach you how you can find your first few coaching clients for your new online service-based business. 


Be of Service – Online. 


If your goal is to work online, you have to consider how you can reach your potential clientele on the internet. What social sites do they use? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn? 

Or pick the social platform that you are most comfortable with and begin to build relationships and be of service to your potential clients there. 

Answer questions, offer advice, or share your knowledge and expertise in your posts and comments. Give tips and help them solve their problems. Give Freely. Trust me, your sincere efforts to serve others will not go unnoticed. 

Once you have offered your assistance or made a connection with someone online, then they are more than likely to head over your profile and look you up. 

Over on your profile page and in your bio- you will link to your services and contact info. From there, they will also check out the other post and helpful tips you have shared on your page. 

Bonus action: Follow up with them in a few days. Ask them if they found the advice you offered them helpful, and if they are struggling with anything else. From here, you can provide a quick fix to another problem or set up a time to connect over the phone and discuss their goals and your service further. 


Build your email list. 


If you have an online business, then an email list is a must! 

You must have a way to connect with your readers and potential clients. Your newsletter will be how you K.I.T.  

Email your list at least weekly with helpful tips and information. Share with them behind the scenes of your business — testimonials, and wins for you and your clients. 

Bonus action: Some clients have seen success just by starting with their current list of contacts. They sent letters to their family and friends announcing their new business or service. 

In the letters, they requested that the reader also forward this to someone who they thought would be interested in their services. 

Referrals are like free gifts! 

Create a Facebook Group.

Build your own little (or big) community of true fans. This is where you run the show. Go live or create videos to share with your audience. Engage and offer support. Test new ideas or get feedback for your offers and programs. 

These are your people. Treat them like a little community of super fans! You can increase your visibility and build that know/like/trust factor. By giving your time and sharing your knowledge with the group, you get to showcase your expertise and give your future clients some insight into how it would be to work with you. 

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A few other suggestions on how you can find your first few coaching clients online: 

  • Blogging ( don’t forget your call to action in each post and or an opt-in for your email list!)
  • Facebook Lives 
  • Youtube 
  • Podcasts
  • Speaking Engagements 
  • Networking 
  • Social Media sites 

Note: Always have a way to get your potential clients off of these sites and onto your email list or website. 

  • Facebook or Instagram Ads!
  • Webinars!

The possibilities are endless! 

How to Create Content for Your Ideal Coaching Client

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