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How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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 How to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Blog 




When I first started my blog, I had a total of zero readers! Since my blog is niched based… didn’t even share it with my family. I needed traffic to my site! Of course, you can share your blog post on Facebook and twitter (which I sometimes do) but there was no real way to target the audience that I wanted to read my blog. Advertising is an option… but on a broke budget it is not!




Why Pinterest?



I’m so glad you asked. Pinterest, just like Google and YouTube are search engines. Pinterest reports that there are more than 250 million users on their platform and 98% of Pinterest users have tried something new that they found on the site. And 84% of people on Pinterest are trying to decide what to buy!


It’s a visual platform that allows to you to create beautiful pin images with an option that allows your reader to link directly to your site. Not only can you click the image and quickly get more info on a topic that interest you, but you can also save it too a board on your page to view time and time again.


The best thing is that Pinterest is FREE, has a huge audience and can be used like a collage of mini billboards to drive traffic to your website. And just how are you going to do this?? Keep reading to find out!


First,  I recommend getting started with a course that will help break everything down for you. I took the Pinterest course  and am so glad I did. I learned a ton of helpful tools and tips and saved myself time and frustration trying to figure out how to use a Pinterest business account to grow my blog. 


And since I am a course/ book junckie and I love learning. I also used  this ebook for even more secret tips and now I have a few viral pins on Pinterest! 😁





Start with Research



 Before you write a blog or create a product, you must do research and find out just what your audience is searching for.


What questions do they have and what problem can you solve?


Your job is to answer the questions, solve the problem or problems and add value to the client. And a great place to start this research is on Pinterest. When you go to type in keywords related to your article; Pinterest will list the most common phrases searched for that topic. 


This is tip #1 for driving traffic to your website. Using the most commonly used phrase as the headline or title of your article; gets more views on your pin since more people are searching for that particular key phrase.




Benefit from Group Boards



 When you are just starting you may not have the followers that you need to get the right eyeballs on your pins. This is when you use the search bar on Pinterest to search for boards or group boards to join. You will know you have found a group board because there will be multiple contributors to that board. 




 There may be a request to join button beside the pictures of the contributors to the board. Or listed in the Bio will be list of instructions on how to join the group board. That may intel you following the board and sending a DM (direct message) or email to the owner of the board requesting to join. You will notice that most group boards have thousands of followers.


This is great for new bloggers or websites because you then have the opportunity to get your pins viewed by thousands of people. Take some time and join as many group boards as you can. 


Remember sharing is caring and tip #2! After you post one of your pins to a group board, then choose one their pins to share to one of your own boards. It’s suggested to pin your image to your most relevant board first then add it also to a group board with the same niche. 


And the icing on top of the cake!!! When you share your pin on these group boards, they also reshare you pin to other boards! I’m sure you can now envision the constant sharing and viewing that is going on here.




More Pins, More Traffic 




This was a question I had in the beginning, and you may have the same. How many pins should I create for one blog article??? Most bloggers recommended 5 different images per article, but at least start with 2 different pins in the beginning tip #3. This way you quickly get traffic to your post and then can later go back and add images as you go. These images can be displayed throughout your article or hidden from view with a simple plug-in on your WordPress website- you decide.


If you want to know how to scale and 10 x your results from here… read my post Tailwind : Pinterest  on how I use Tailwind to get even more readers to my blog. tip #4 You can click now   for FREE trial offer. 




Content, Content, Content




I know this comes as no surprise to anyone, but tip #5 the more content you create the more links you have generating back to your website. Besides the time you spend researching, let me forewarn you, you will spend a good chuck of your time creating content. Read my article How to Create the Best Blogging Content with bonus content creation ideas to keep you creating or months.




It’s a lot to do at first, but once created the hard part is done. You’ve written your article and it is there for the viewing eyes of old and new readers for years to come. You may want to add to it or update old post but the foundation has already been laid.




Recycle and Reuse




So, you have now spent hours researching, creating and pinning your content to Pinterest. What other ways can you get traffic to your site? Repurposing your content silly! Just joking, this was news to me too. Think about the multiple ways people engage in content these days. Why just cater to the readers, there are visual learners and those who prefer audio too. I have always enjoyed writing, but I do spend the majority of my time watching YouTube and listening to Podcast.




Tip #6 If you feel comfortable creating video, audio or both then do so. This is how you will get tons more traffic to your website. You will also make Google happy because these sites will backlink to your webpage. What are backlinks? These are incoming links to your webpage, so when another website links to your page it is called a backlinking. Google ranks your page higher in the search results when you have multiple sites linking to your page.




*You can also take advantage of backlinking by networking with other bloggers and guest posting on their sites. tip #7




Implement these tips, buy the ebook now and watch your page views climb. What do you think? Did you find value in this post? Do you have tips to add, comment below! Read more about how I use Tailwind as a traffic source.





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