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Motivation BS – Stop Procrastinating!

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Today, I watched my first video from Mel Robbins and must I say I love her! (#girlcrush) I am all for some personal development and motivational tools. She just totally turned my thoughts on motivation upside down! I still agree there are times when it’s needed.


Motivational quotes and speeches get us excited to get things done and try things we have never tried before. Then there are those times when I am so contraindicative that motivation is like an annoying insect buzzing around my head. I’m Branch from Trolls and all Poppy keeps saying is “Hug-Time”! 😠

Motivation is Useless


When Mel Robbins suggested motivation is BS and we are not easily motivated to do something we know requires work, I was immediately intrigued and thought this is so true! Motivation is useless without self-discipline! Lack of motivation is not what keeps us from reaching our goals. Lack of Self-Discipline does!

As humans, we are NOT designed to WANT to do what is difficult, scary or unknown. We are automatically creatures of habit. Most people including myself, love routine and structure.


Our brains are wired to keep us safe and protect us from uncertainty and things that cause us to be frightened or anxious. We try to avoid it like the plague! But, sometimes the things you are most afraid of doing is what you need to do next. No great business, idea or athletic win has ever occurred in someones’ comfort zone.


So Motivation is Garbage! You're never going to FEEL like it! - Mel Robbins Click To Tweet


You’ve listened to hours of motivational speeches and say to yourself someday this and someday that! Well, Someday is not a day of the week. Action and self-discipline is your next goal. We’re not planning, getting our why’s and when’s together. We are now taking action, implementing tasks, getting sh** done and giving ourselves a royal kick in the heinie.


What are You Waiting For


Don’t be the person who is waiting for some external force, a motivational speech, permission, or even pressure to push you into doing what you know you should be doing. You’re going to be waiting or procrastinating forever! No one is going to save you, you have to save yourself.


And remeber the buddy system can only take you so far, that person may become unmotivated also!

Then what do I do you ask?

Do what others are not willing to do or won’t do… to have the things that others won’t have.

When the motivation is gone. And that day will come… where you won’t feel like doing anything. Discipline yourself to get those task done! Do today what you can do tomorrow. Those people (including myself)  who procrastinate and worry need to JUST DO IT. Fail forward and build momentum along the way. NO excuses.



I Won’t Complain


“I don’t want to hear sh** about your BIG goals… not until you are taking steps and micro action towards reaching those goals. Until then,  you don’t get to even talk about them”!

Ok,Thanks Mel! And she is right! We don’t want to be stuck in the procrastination stage or Self – Sabotaging stage. As for me, this blog is not easy! I love writing and who would have thought I’d be doing this for fun and for work.


It’s work… when I have to fix grammatical errors and be consistent on the days I don’t feel like it.  Fear, doubt, and motivation go out the window and I do it anyway. I may not be the best writer and there are places where I can improve but, at least I am now doing it and not just talking about it. I’m taking action and slowly getting better.


There is a time for motivation and inspiration however, there is also a time for tough love.

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