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Resources and Tools I used for Pinterest to Increase Pageviews on My Blog.

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The Tools and Resources I used to Increase Pageviews on my Blog. 


Tailwind is a Pinterest approved smart scheduling tool for your pins. It is like having your own virtual assistant helping you 24 hours a day to get massive traffic back to your blog. 

After starting my blog, it was all fine and dandy. I had created a few articles and shared it over my social media handles and told my friends. To only get a hand full of views at best.  I was not getting any real “traffic” to my website. What’s the point of doing hours’ worth of research. Along with spending most of your day writing up a blog article if no one was going to read it?


Literally, no readers if you judge by the number of pageviews successful bloggers were receiving on their sites each month. Bloggers who are winning in the Pinterest arena are getting thousands of page views each month! (Mouth drop).


I first researched the best courses for Pinterest.



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Obviously, I needed to know more about what the big dogs were doing. I came across the Pinterest Avalanche course and was so glad I did. Many other bloggers had also recommended this course.  I had used Pinterest in the past but, a Pinterest Business account is something totally different than a personal account.


The course included everything from setting up your business account, how to create viral pins, the best group boards,  and secrets to growing your Pinterest Traffic. Everything you can imagine concerning Pinterest was covered in the course. Hence the name Pinterest Avalanche.


You won’t be disappointed!


Also, because I am a nerd or just a very curious person and wanted to know more and more. I found another very popular ebook with 170 more pages on all things Pinterest related. This ebook is bae! And I was able to get a discount for my readers if you purchase the book now! The book is already very reasonably priced so the discount just makes it a no brainer. When you get to the checkout,  just enter my special discount code “TSA5OFF”. 


This will give you $5 off the book! By using this link. 


I was finally able to reach more people.


I then took the time to implement what I learned in the course and the ebook and increased my audience on the Pinterest platform. I also suggest you read my article on How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Pinterest helped me to get many viewers to my site with the option of group boards, audience-specific boards, analytics and promoted pins amongst other things.


With pinning and repining, I could only do so much with the time that I had to spend on the Pinterest site itself. The automation of Tailwind pinning helped me to maximize my reach with my pins,  and target my niche audience at peak times for better engagement.


I started with about a few hundred views/impressions per my Pinterest analytics, which then increased to about 5-6 thousand impressions at the time of writing this with Tailwind! (Impressions are the number of times one of my pins are viewed.) Per the image below you will notice the views vary depending on the time of day and day of the week that users are on Pinterest but, for the most part, my views increased dramatically when I started using Tailwind.




Now I am able to Save More Time


My time is valuable. With a dog, husband, and kids running around, I know I have to make the best use of my time.  Using Tailwind to do most of the work for me has helped to free up some of my time, this way I can focus more on other things.


Also, the system is not complicated at all and saves you time with its simplicity. They have an app you can use on the go and even a browser extension that makes choosing what pins to add to your queue extremely easy.


You can click multiple images from any site with their browser extension, to save calendar for future pinning. Easy drag and drop feature for calendar scheduling even months in advance any minute of the day.


So don’t worry about choosing those times yourself. Tailwind has a built-in smart feature that uses computer-generated algorithms that selects the best times to send out your pins to your Pinterest followers. They have researched the best times of the day and days of the week when your target audience is most engaged.


Maximize your Success


The insights section gives you the analytics on each of your pins and group boards you are a member of. This helps you to know what pins and groups are performing best. Information given to you from Tailwind, like the number of re-pins you are receiving, follower count and group board engagement is beneficial to your success on Pinterest. Anything that you put forth time, money and energy into when it comes to a business needs be a good ROI (Return of Investment).


Pinterest alone can help get many readers to your blog posts but, combined with Tailwind and the right strategies you can significantly increase those numbers.


Read More: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog 


For a Free Trial and how you can get started with Tailwind check out the link below and Happy Pinning!



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