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Shiny Object Syndrome: Bad for Bloggers!

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Shiny object syndrome… I know it all too well. I’m working on this, then that, a new idea now let’s focus on this, new toy or course to help me grow, Great! lets go there next. I hope you found that run-on sentence difficult to comprehend because that is my brain on shiny-object-syndrome! Scattered! And it just doesn’t make sense. Shiny Object Syndrome is Bad for Bloggers!

“Shiny object syndrome is the disease of distraction and it affects entrepreneurs specifically because of the qualities that make them unique. ” –

For entrepreneurs/bloggers, this will kill your business and has caused many to fail even before getting started. You don’t want this and I don’t want this for you! We’re going to fix this problem in this post here today!


3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Shiny Object Syndrome.


Decreased Productivity


I’m sure you are getting something done but are you getting the right things done? Are your efforts moving the needle on your business? If the answer is no then you are doing something wrong! I’ve learned the best businesses run on structure and a proven strategy which can be duplicated to produce results. Most times we know what we should be doing but become unfocused. We want to do the fun stuff first and the necessary stuff last and that does not grow a business.


Money Lost


Always focusing on the next big thing without perfecting what you already have will cost you time and money. I have bought way too many courses on blogging and other topics. I love to learn which is a great attribute to have but, then there comes a time you must stop preparing and start sharing. Done is better the perfect! You will always be perfecting your craft and you ultimately learn more doing rather than watching. It’s better to learn something then immediately implement it!

Overwhelm and Failure


Overwhelm leads to failure. You’re now behind on projects and deadlines. There is more work to do than time to do it! Most people will call it quits at this point. It’s unfortunate when someone has a great idea or goal and loses momentum due to overwhelm and lack of planning. Every wonderful invention came from a single thought or idea that after trial and error became a magnificent creation.

I’ll give you an example. I started my blog and did many things for the first time. Created a website, set up links and email opt-ins. Designed and decorated it to my liking. So many great wins but still needed to do the necessary steps to get traffic to my blog. I knew from multiple blogging courses I took that Pinterest was the top traffic source for many bloggers. I dabbled a bit on the Pinterest platform but did not perfect it (at first). It wasn’t until I took the time to learn Pinterest inside and out and added in Tailwind to 10 x my traffic, did I receive my best results. It was like night and day. I became hyper-focused and it paid off!

So this is how I did it…

Started an Idea Bank Account


I wrote down as many blog topic ideas as I could and add to it daily. This way I never run out of things to research and write about. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to come up with a blog post. There are days and times of the day in which I am more creative and focused compared to others. You want to make the most of those times.  I keep a list of topics that my readers and I must know in order to be successful at creating a blog and successful business online.



Planned Ahead


Set dates and deadlines and actually complete that task scheduled for the day. You can continuously work on something for what seems like forever and ever. We procrastinate or take much longer completing a project than what should be allowed. Think about it… I bet your boss knows how long it should take for you to complete a task. They did not become successful businessmen and women without proper planning.

For example,  in a doctor’s office, you have been allotted 20 mins to spend with your doctor. Then they have another scheduled appointment. There is a deadline or at least a predetermined timeframe that has been decided on that is needed to complete your visit. In order for this business to run efficiently and make a profit these time management strategies must take place.



Got Focused


Avoid distractions. Avoid shiny object syndrome! Focus on the work at hand at least for the time being. Stick to the plan and see it to completion. You will have multiple hats you will have to wear as an entrepreneur and one-man show business owner. If you’ve scheduled social engagement or marketing for the day then that is your focus. It’s easy to jump around but you will be more productive and prevent overwhelm focusing on one task at a time.

Create a power hour where you will only work on things necessary to move your business forward. During this time you will work on your most time-consuming tasks first and get the hard stuff out the way. You can spend downtime responding to emails or sending out tweets. All these things may be necessary to run your business, but some task can also waste your time. Just because you are busy does not mean you are productive. It’s easy to get distracted and when it comes to social media its best to get in and get out! Otherwise, you will be looking at a post from 3 years ago! Thanks to Facebook 😊


Hired a Mentor or Coach


You need someone to hold you accountable and help you to do the critical things needed to succeed in your business. Facebook groups and the buddy system is great to have also but, you want someone further along than you are to keep you on the right path. You also don’t just want a “yes man”. You want someone who will keep you on track and give you the feedback you need to hear and not just want to hear.



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