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Site Ground Web Hosting Review

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Why I choose Site Ground for my Blog


In this SiteGround Web Hosting Review, I will tell you why I choose SiteGround as my #1 hosting platform.

First let me say, choosing your web hosting is one of the most important decisions you will make for your blog.

Your web hosting site will store and protect your files online, increase the loading speed of the images and text and a host of other things which are very important to you and the maintenance of your blog. I choose SiteGround’s middle plan called the GrowBig Plan. I knew I wanted to have more than one website. I did not want to have to pay for that feature later on down the road and this plan offered me unlimited websites. GrowBig also offers you more web space for expected higher numbers of visitors on your site. There is also a plan called GoGeek which increases those numbers significantly.



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Easy Website Building/ Website Transfer



As I have stated in my other posts, the blogging platform most recommended for bloggers who plan to grow their blog is with They allow more freedom and customization to your site. Perfect for someone who plans to grow their website or business. For your convenince, SiteGround has an easy installation and integration of your WordPress site. Once getting started with your selected plan for hosting, SiteGround will set up your WordPress account for you to make it easy to start blogging right away.



“You can tranfer unlimted WordPress sites to Siteground with the free SiteGround migrator WordPress Plug-in. The plug-in can be used on all plans and is completely free.” – SiteGround



My Favorite SiteGround Features


  • Faster Speeds
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Increased security through software and 24/7 human monitoring
  • Prevention of downtime, hacks, SPAM and data loss
  • E-commerce options and free shopping cart install
  • Great WordPress Features


SiteGround is known for being ultra-fast which leads to better search engine visibility and better website conversion rates. Integrated with your WordPress platform is a Super Caching system for faster page loading and memory on the server package that you choose.


Their security also ranks top notch with constant protection for all of your sites from spam, malicious code and hackers that can really affect the functionality and traffic to your website.

They have 24/7 customer service and are available to chat, phone or ticket. I did have to call customer service once and everyone was really helpful and promised resolution of my issue in 20 minutes or less. Their website promotes 24/7 “amazingly fast support” with the resolution of serious issues in less than 5 minutes! 


Daily File Backup


They offer 30 copies of previous backups saved to your account. If you are like me and hit the wrong button or forgot to save previous work, you can rest easy that your hard work has already been saved for you (30 previous versions to choose from). If something breaks on your site, the simplest thing to do is to go back to a full system restore of your previous content.

This feature has been a lifesaver when those internet loading errors occur, and your “save files” button is just not working. I am a none techy person and having a great web hosting has helped me to create 3 websites so far very easily. Ready to get started?  Use the link below for SiteGround set up with discounted plans.



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