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    Blogging for Coaches.

    Why Blogging for Coaches???   Simply put…Brand Awareness.    Your blog just like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Podcast, and Youtube are avenues of brand awareness for your coaching business. It is how you share your content with your prospective clients.   Not only do YOU share your own content on social sites, but you encourage your readers to share your content with the social sharing icons I have above and below this blog post.    Marketing for your Coaching Business   Blogging is a great way to get traffic to your site and more eyes on your content. You showcase your expertise while engaging with your readers, encouraging action, and inspiring others.  I like…

  • Beat Overwhelm in your Online Business
    Coaching Business

    End Procrastination and Overwhelm in Your Online Business

    You work a full-time job but really want to start an online business or side hustle. You’re excited about the idea of creating your own online business and a second income source for your family. Or maybe even replacing your current fulltime position.    This should be easy! I’ll just do what I can when I can while working from home.    Then it happens. Life! Long hours spent on your full-time job, commuting to and from work then turns into missed opportunities and progress in your new side hustle.    Now you are thinking; GEEZ is this online thing as hard for everyone else as it has been for me?    When I…