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What is Web hosting and Why Do I Need it?



One of the main things a new blogger needs to get started is web hosting. Along with a Domain name or web address and a blogging platform called WordPress.org to create and design your blog. Web Hosting is the online storing of all your content and files that you create for your blog or website. Think you your hosting provider as your landlord of the world wide web. Web hosting is your rented space online. It provides the security, maintenance, and housing of your website on the internet.





Why I Should Avoid Free Hosting.



Basically, you will be limited to what you can do with your blog. Free hosting may deny you specific customizations to your blog, monetization may be hard to achieve or unavailable altogether. With paid hosting, you are free to design and use your website however you please.


Your landlord is ok with this!

Branding may be an issue with most free sites. There may be ads and logos that are required to be on your site as advertising from a free site. Having tags or branded words added to the end of your site versus just the commonly used .com version most bloggers or and self-hosted brands use.




Security is not optimized with free hosting so the safety of your files is an issue. When you pay for self-hosting you are investing in high-security monitoring. There are so many hackers and other crazies out there you want to make sure your baby blog is well protected. This is also very important if you decide to add the ability to shop and purchase items from your website.



Investing in 24/7 support for your blog is mandatory. Paid hosting provides you the option of constant support for complicated techy stuff, questions or concerns that may have with your website. YouTube University has a wealth of resources but, it’s comforting to know help is only a phone call away.


Which Hosting Site do I Choose?


After much research, I found that most bloggers used either Blue Host or SiteGround for your website. They are both comparable, obviously affordable and best on the market if they are the most commonly used hosting sites.

Blue Host




User-Friendly with easy one-click integration with WordPress platform. WordPress will automatically be set up for you to start creating posts when you purchase hosting.  Unlimited Bandwith with Blue Host – meaning you have unlimited visitors to your page at no extra cost. Blue Host gives you a Free Domain name included in their package.



Web Hosting




Also great with the WordPress them and will be set so that you are ready to start blogging when you purchase their hosting. Your Domain name is not included in your package price but, this is fine as you can easily purchase a Domain name from GoDaddy.com or some other site. Speed testing was slightly better with SiteGround when is why some bloggers chose them over Blue Host.



They both are the best and if you use one of the links in this article you will get even more of a discounted price. Click through to their web pages to see the multiple packages that they have to offer. I would suggest choosing one with more unlimited features versus just the basic packages.



I made the decision to go with more a premium package right from the start because I knew would have more than one website with many visitors and did not want to have to upgrade later on. So one of the middle packages for either site should work for any blogger starting out.


Head over to my How to Start a Blog post and there you will find a free checklist for setting up your blog and my recommended must have WordPress Plug-ins for optimizing the function of your WordPress blog.


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