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The Down and Outs and Hard Truths of Blogging

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Is blogging all cupcakes and rainbows? Of course not! It’s tough, and it takes a lot of hard work and discipline to create a successful online business. There are more days than not where you may feel unmotivated or unsuccessful.

Keep reading to find out The Hard Truths of Blogging: Month Six! Don’t get discourage the tips listed in this post will ease your load.

What I found that has helped me the most, is seeing some progress and keeping my vision for a successful blogging and coaching business, clear in my mind.


Take time for personal development, celebrate the wins, and recognize how far you have come!

In this post, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks to staying motivated and persistent as you grow your blogging business. At the time of writing this, I am 6 months into my blogging journey. So the struggles I am currently facing will be the main focus of this article.


The Lie: I’ll just work on my blog in my spare time and still grow a successful blog. 

The Truth: Take Action Daily


If blogging is new to you, and you have never created an online business, you will quickly learn there are so many things to learn and do especially when you are a one-person show.

Success will come at a steady pace if you take action daily. If you don’t, then you may still be successful, but at a painfully slow pace.

Keep a to-do list and set deadlines for tasks to be completed on-a-daily-basis.

Taking action every day towards my blog was a bit of a struggle for me at first. As a busy mom and full-time employee, life takes me away from my blogging to-dos.

Make the most out of the time you have available.

There are times when I wish I could go to a local hotel and spend a day or two in complete-solitude as I get things done.

Before you judge too hard, this is a thing you know! Bloggers or any online business owner’s taking time away from home to complete a task or meet important deadlines, which leads me to my second suggestion.


The Lie: Working from Home is a Dream Come True! 

The Truth: Change up your scenery. Writer’s Block and Distractions Suck!


You have got to focus! Whether it be in a library, hotel room, Barnes and Noble, or Starbucks. However, you get in-the-zone I am here to encourage you to do what you have to do. I see your hustle, and I applaud your discipline and hard work.

A change of scenery may not be a daily requirement, but every so often, it helps to regain focus and spark creativity. 


The Lie: Write When You Feel Like it or Once a Week.

The Truth: You Should Write Every Day!


Month six of blogging, I currently have 11 blog posts on my site. My current goal is to increase page views or traffic to my website. My focus now is to create even more content for my blog. To keep things in perspective, I have questioned a few bloggers with page view goals that I plan to achieve, and they have 80-100 articles on their website.

So to reach such a hefty goal, I must work towards this every day. I have heard it recommended time and time again to get in the habit of writing every day. Even if the content does not apply specifically to your blog, it helps to train your brain to think and write every day.


The Half Lie: You may have heard the phrase that content is king.

The Truth: Consistency is also KING!


While well-written valuable content will keep your audience on the page longer, consistent blog posts will keep them coming back for more! If you are using Tailwind (as you should), you can automate your pins for Pinterest to keep consistent traffic to your site during the times you can not actively promote your content.


The Lie: Work on Your Blog During Your Free Time.

The Truth: Create a Schedule or Daily to-do list.


Leaving my blog post, creating up to chance is what has kept me from being consistent in the past.

The best advice I have found to remedy this is to pick consistent blog posting days and stick to them. My goal is twice a week but weekly if my schedule is too hectic.

Create yourself a blogging schedule and set a deadline for when a particular post will be published. Hold yourself accountable just as your employer or professor would do.


Another Confusing Half Lie: Always jot down your notes and thoughts!

The Truth: Yes, but Get Organized!


OMG, I love stationery. I seriously can not commit to a single notebook or notepad for too long. I used to lose my written thoughts all the time! 😩

It is not safe to have sticky notes, napkins and multiple notebooks with multiple topics written in each.

I suggest having one blog content notebook or use the Trello APP on your computer and phone. This way, all of your information, ideas, or to-dos remain more organized.

Use a separate rough draft notepad for outlines or use Grammarly to save your works-in-progress. I already use this tool for spelling and proofreading, so it is super easy when I can just keep my work on the site and finish documents when I can.


The #1 Writing Tool


I also have a business goals notebook, for me, this will have to stay a notebook I love to write my goals with ol’ fashion pen and paper.

So to sum it all up, no blogging is not always cupcakes and rainbows, but if you set yourself up for success by remaining productive and organized, you can build your business at a faster pace!

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