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The Importance of Having The Right Mindset When You are Setting Your Goals.

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Do you have the right Mindset #mindset #goals #mindfulness



Choosing a goal is easy, having the right mindset to reach those goals is what is challenging.

How many of us have had a plan to achieve great things on January 1st, but then the flame dwindles a few months into the year?

To achieve extraordinary results, we must take on a Success-Driven Mindset. There are many facets to having a successful mindset. Focus, determination, vision, and flexibility are all essential traits to have just to name a few.

Some of these characteristics you may already possess, but others may require you to put in work.


Visionary Mindset


The first step to setting a goal requires you having a vision, dream, or desire. Having a Visionary Mindset means you can see yourself in the future attaining this goal even before it happens. I suggest envisioning your future self, in the time and space of your desires. I think this is an essential step because it places the thought in your mind that achieving this goal is possible.

You may be able to feel the joy and excitement of reaching your goal, which solidifies why this important to you.


Growth Mindset


Are you willing to face challenges, change, and take on new opportunities? 

Are you ready to grow?

To achieve something you never have you have to do something you have never done. Click To Tweet

This may be a challenge for most people because although we want something, we may not be willing to be inconvenienced to get it. It ultimately requires us to leave our comfort zone, and do hard things, sacrifice immediate pleasures for long term gain.

I can relate because there are times when my weaknesses overpower my deepest wants and desires.

Then I am forced to choose.


Flexible and Focused Mindset


A Flexible and Focused Mindset will help me push past my shortcomings. Flexibility requires me to make adjustments, possibly change directions or even start all over if I have steered too far off course.

But I am focused on the goal.

I am disciplined and won’t let my fear and doubt hold me back. I work hard to avoid distractions and procrastination.


Accountable Mindset


I hold myself accountable. I use an Accountable Mindset to take responsibility for my own actions, decisions, and failures.

Only I can change this!

I must remain committed to the outcome.


Purpose-Driven Mindset


I have a Purpose-Driven Mindset. I have a plan and have written the steps or actions needed to get me there. I put forth the necessary effort despite hard times.

Personally, during these times, I look for inspiration and motivation to keep me going.


Positive Mindset


I try to keep a Positive Mindset. Actively choosing to focus on the positive aspects of a situation or obstacle.

What is there for me to learn here?

I try to remain optimistic and forward-thinking while displaying a positive attitude.

I give myself grace.


Grateful Mindset


I am grateful for my blessings, talents, and achievements. Remembering to recognize the importance of what I have and how far I have come — displaying a Grateful Mindset.

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Only if you adopt the right mindset, focus on your strengths while working to overcome your weaknesses -will you see what it is I am trying to explain to you.

The importance of having the right mindset when you are setting your goals.

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Do you have the right Mindset


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