Trying to be more productive while working from home is extremely difficult. I had tried many things, but this ONE THING I did vastly improved my productivity.#productivity #productivitytips
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The One Thing That Skyrocketed My Productivity

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Productivity may not be my strong suit. Noticing it was a big issue, I worked hard to change it. Organization and Consistency have made all the difference for me. 


But there is also one huge change that I made that skyrocketed my productivity! 


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I am sure there is a good majority of us who struggle with being more productive. We all hope to get more done in less time because our time is valuable.  


Not being productive is probably due to no fault of your own, we are constantly distracted with notifications, alerts, emails, texts, pop-ups, tweets, likes, comments… you name it! (in my Shirley Ceaser Voice) 


I was feeling very unproductive in my online business and trying to work from home. I knew I should be getting more done and completing more tasks throughout my day. I was extremely busy, but not productive! 


The kids were climbing the walls, my dog Maui wanted me to take him outside 50 plus times a day. My iwatch, iphone, and i-laptop were all dinging at me. Hey, check this out! Respond to this person. Like this?!


 And Siri would ask me questions! 


I thought multitasking, increasing my caffeine and maybe working harder and longer hours was the answer to my problems. I’d get more done if I worked all day and night on multiple things. I’m here to say NO that is not the answer. Theoretically, it makes sense, but the only thing I got… was TIRED! 


I knew there just had to be a simpler way. 


Then it came to me…


Are you ready!?


The one thing that I did that skyrocketed my productivity… was FOCUSING! 


Increased Focus = Increased Productivity.  (Pen drop!)


That’s right! You read it correctly. 


The long list of tips I had on productivity could be narrowed down to one single task! BE MORE FOCUSED!


If there is a problem with you getting things done, then I also bet half a dollar you have a problem with productivity. How do I know this? Probably because they have the same meaning and not because I am psychic. But, anyhow. 


Maximize your Productivity with Focus


Let’s take a look. 


  • Mono-tasking versus Multi-tasking forces you to give all your attention to one project only. 
  • Turning off all distractions kept me focused on what I was doing. 
  • Creating a plan for the day with three priority to-dos for each day helped me to focus on only those three things. 
  • I scheduled my top projects for the day first thing in the morning when I felt most focused. 
  • If I felt distracted at home, then I would find a corner at Barnes and Noble where I could do you know what!? Focus. 
  • Take scheduled breaks then Refocus. 
  • Batch tasks. 
  • Be more organized. 
  • Find Balance 

Being productive for 4 hours is better than being jerked in and out of productivity for 8 hours.  


Research shows it takes our brains time to get back into the “the zone,” after distraction. 


I could see how Focus is the driving factor behind all the above bullet points. 


Not only did I become more productive, I became less overwhelmed by what I had to do to grow my blog and business. I knew I needed to learn and set up email, write content, gather information for my coaching program. The list goes on and on. I realized that…


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I genuinely believe, overwhelm occurs when we don’t have a plan and are NOT focused on the right things. It’s just that simple and just that hard. 


Beat overwhelm and decreased productivity with Focus and Organization and see how much things will change for you too. 


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    Trying to be more productive while working from home is extremely difficult. I had tried many things, but this ONE THING I did vastly improved my productivity.#productivity #productivitytips


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