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What Bloggers Should Focus on Their First Few Months of Blogging.

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There is so much to learn and do when you first start your blog. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that you need to do and know.


You have purchased your web hosting, installed WordPress, and choose your blog’s theme. If you haven’t done that yet then, I suggest you read my Ultimate Guide to Starting your Blog.


Ok now that, that’s out the way. Here is what I think you should now focus on your first few months of blogging.


Learn each button and menus options of your WordPress dashboard.


WordPress has so many tabs and buttons, so I suggest you become familiar with them. For example, if you have just gotten a new smartphone, you would take the time to learn each feature and setting. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your new WordPress blog.


Knowing the whereabouts of things is self-explanatory. Doing this will make it a million times easier for you when you need to edit or make changes to the settings on your website.


Brain Dump topics to write about. 


Make a list of about 20-50 blog post ideas. If you were going to be the Wikipedia of your niche, what topics would you need to cover? What does your audience need to know? What questions did you have yourself before knowing all you know now?


Having a list of topics to discuss will give you something to choose from, and you will not be struggling at the last minute to come up with some to blog about. This list of blog post ideas is your go-to list, and you will add and take away as you go.


All you would then need to do is schedule these posts to a content calender with deadine dates to hold yourself accountable.



Create lots of content.




Choose 5-10 topics you plan to discuss in your blog and get to writing! Create quality content about 1000-2000 words or higher per blog post. Preload your blog with these 5-10 articles prior to launching your blog, giving your audience a reason to stay on a blog a little longer as they read more and more.

After that, consistency is vital! Continue to write one or two blog post per week. Do not be alarmed. It may take you hours or days to create the content for one article.

My routine usually involves me researching and creating an outline for my blog. I will then write the blog post on that day or the next. Once I have it all written up, I will come back, and proofread and add to it where I see fit. All three of these steps will happen before I hit publish.
This may be a 2-3 day process for me.



Learn Pinterest.



Pinterest is how most bloggers get traffic to their website. If you want to know more about how to use Pinterest to increase page views on your blog, then read my blog post here.


You will want to master how to use Pinterest and the various tools available to you before moving on to other ways to get traffic to your site.


Create a business Pinterest account, join group boards, and create your own boards. Learn what you don’t know in the beginning so that you do not have to go back and redo old work.


I suggest reading this ebook on Pinterest strategies to get you started. I have been given a $5 off coupon for my readers to use at check out. Click here to learn more then just use this “TSA5OFF” to get your discount!


Pick one social platform to focus on.


I do not suggest trying to learn how to get readers on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram all at the same time! It is so much you need to learn to be successful on each site alone. Start with focusing your attention on one social platform at a time.


Taking on too much at once will only leave you overwhelmed and ready to give up! You may also find that once you grow your followers on one, you will automatically see an increase in the others.





Comment on other blogs. Join and comment in relevant Facebook groups. See what your peers are doing. Ask questions and help others where you can. Make friends and help one another. You never know who your next customer or client may be.


Scheduling your networking time may also be beneficial if you are easily distracted with scrolling to see what’s new that’s been added to the feed.



Start an email list.



I learned from other bloggers that not starting their email list sooner was one of their biggest regrets. Your email list is yours. Facebook and Instagram are not yours. If you lose contact with your audience on other platforms due to algorithm changes, or any other unforeseen event, then you lose customers.


I use ConvertKit. You can get a free 30-day trial by using the link provided. Start building your email list when you start promoting your blog.


Create freebies or opt-ins and deliver them through your email service provider. People love cheat sheets, tips, and printables. Create content around your niche and use this as a lead magnet to get your readers to sign up for email list.



Develop a schedule and a plan.



What are your goals for your blog? Who is your ideal reader? Create a plan with actionable steps to get you to your goal. Along the way, create to-do lists every day. Schedule your day by adding in 2-3 tasks for you to complete for the day.


This will keep your blogging business progressing at a steady rate. Then from there, you can scale. Once you have a system and routine in place and are successfully implementing these necessary steps, then you can look to add on more tasks and more ways to grow your blog.

Where you should focus your first 3 months blogging. #startablog


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