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What I Plan to Teach my Kids About Life.

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What I plan to teach my kids…about life. 



The greatest things I think I can teach my kids are the things that were difficult for me to learn. I’m sure there’s a list that can extend far beyond the length of this post, but for now … love for everyone, financial security, finding inner strength to achieve great things, ect.

I want them to know that there is a super hero inside of both of them and if they believe that they can change themselves and possibly even the world, then they should try to do so. 


Change begins with a single thought and then actions that get you closer to your goals. 



Don’t be afraid to start.  


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step –  



One single step in the right direction that feels good and then another and then another. That’s all it takes. Action builds momentum. It’s hard to know if you are on the right path but following your intuition helps.  That gut feeling or that little voice in the back of your head that says I can do this, and I will do what is necessary to achieve it. Let that be your guide and make changes as necessary. 



There are no mistakes. 


You will learn along the way that mistakes and failures are only lessons learned. Grow from your failures and try again. Don’t be afraid of hard work and put in time and effort to get whatever is it that you desire. Lots of time and effort. It takes continuous inner and outer work to become better. Even the most talented person spends countless hours perfecting their skill. 


Surely, there are people who are gifted. Maybe their talent comes naturally for them and appears to flow with ease. But perfection comes with hard work and dedication to see the end result. So never giving up because quitters never win. Even the most talented or gifted individuals still put in hours of practice, research or dedication to get to where they want to be. 


Don’t rely on talent alone, rely on discipline.



Comparison kills dreams. 


I can only ask that you become the best version of youself. We all are on different chapters in our lives. You may find it helpful to have a coach or a mentor, but don’t compare your right now with someone else’s chapter 22. Comparing yourself to someone who is further along sometimes paralyzes  people, and keeps them from starting. The mind chatter begins… I can’t do that, it’s already been done, how will I ever become as good as they are? The secret is,  you only have become the best version of yourself!  


Everyone struggles with something. 


Even the people you look up to on TV or these days… social media. You see the best of the best, the wins, the successes. Most times what’s not shared is the late-night studying, the hours of training, the strict schedule, the discipline, the challenges, the crying, the prayers, the fear. There is not one person who did not struggle to achieve something. And there is probably not one person who does not struggle to keep what they have earned. The most rewarding things in life do not come easy. 


Your thoughts control your reality. 


Most would agree what you are thinking and what you are feeling are the same. In the words of Peter Pan- Think Happy Thoughts and you will Fly! Happiness is within you. You decide! If you want to change your feelings change your thoughts. Not to say bad and sad times won’t appear but you can’t reside there. It’s what you do next that matters. Sitting moping and feeling down will not move you forward towards greater things. It will keep you stuck. It will make you miserable. 


Loss is a part of life. 


When it comes to loss, death or hard times. I’d want my boys to look for strength within each other. God. Friends and family who love and support them. Everyone can relate to the devastating feeling of loss. When the present moment seems to be debilitating and you cannot see the forest for the trees. When life experiences knock you down, leave you lonely, pushes you back or literally it feel as if you heart has been shattered into million pieces. Find your strength from within and support from those around you. With time you will become stronger. 


Love is the master plan. 


Treat people well. We all are here in this life experience trying to live happy lives. Make decisions based on love. As if, we all are one. Treat others how you would like for them to treat you, which may not be how they are currently treating you.

If that someone cannot accept you for who you are (in reason that is if you are doing what is right) then leave well enough alone. You can’t change people. They have to first want then be willing to change themselves. 


Mange your finances and don’t let your finances manage you. 



Getting this wrong could leave you in a ton of debt and despair. Also having to work extra hard to right your wrongs. Always balance your checkbook… yourself. Know what money you have coming in and what money you have going out. Work hard, but also play hard.

Experience new places and people. Plan and save for the future.

It’s all a balancing act!

If you find this to be a challenge for you then find someone you trust and educated in the matter to teach you how.  This will be one of the most important lessons you learn. As I said, the hardest things I have found to manage is my time and my money but given how important is it, I continuously strive to get it right. 


To sum it up, there are many more things you will learn in life. Although, I believe these were some important lessons for me to learn. Above all else, enjoy this life experience every chance you get. During the journey and when you arrive at your desired destination. Be Encouraged, Mom.  



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