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You're finally ready to do what it takes to increase your confidence, reach your big goals and transform your business, career or life! 


You’ve attempted to make changes on your own but habit, doubt, lack of confidence and lack of support has caused you to spend another year not achieving the results that you want so badly. Maybe you are an introvert and you find it terrifying to leave your comfort zone. You’ve been afraid to move forward in your career or take that leap of faith and start a business on your own. YOU are holding yourself back from Success! 


If any of this sounds like you then my one-on-one coaching program will have you stepping confidently into your new shoes as a powerful, confident, success driven leader in your business or career. 

I help my clients reach their goals by gaining clarity and focusing on what is holding them back. We tackle issues surrounding mindset and beliefs and how this is keeping them from achieving their goals. Together we will come up with a strategic plan with simple action steps to move them forward and make progress, while I assist them every step of the way. 


I provide them with the tools, strategies and mindset shifts needed to get them out of the closet… to center stage! I offer my support and experience in achieving what seems like impossible goals (as an introvert) to achieving life-changing results in many areas of their lives!  

I have been there before. Needing courage, confidence and motivation to achieve those, what appeared to be unattainable goals. Basically wasting my time and my life not living in my purpose



I’ve been asked in the past, Denia:


  • How did you lose the weight?
  • How did you obtain so many degrees and certifications?
  • How did you create a website and start a successful coaching business?
  • What steps did you take to get there?
  • How did you accomplish all of this as an introvert!?
  • What keeps you motivated?

Mindset, massive action, and one-on-one support is what I attribute my results too! I’ve been given tons of resources and advice from different people in the past, which helped some. I’ve also accomplished some goals just putting together a DIY plan on my own, but it wasn’t until I hired a life and business coach to help me achieve the extraordinary results that I could not have gotten on my own.


Now is your time! (insert me jumping and waving)!



I am here and 110% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you have been waiting for. I have been there, and I know how it feels to want something so passionately and just not having what it takes to achieve it on my own.


Don’t waste another year wanting, dreaming, hoping, praying it will just fall into your lap!


Because it won’t… our wonderful UPS men and women are not delivering our hopes and dreams to our front doorsteps. If they were then… here take my debit and credit card, I’ll take the next day delivery, please.


You have 2 options:

Waste time.


Save time by getting further ahead in life…faster, because you will no longer be holding yourself back from success! 


Let’s get you that promotion, taking that big leap of faith, having you confidently speaking in a presentation or on video. Doing what it takes to market your business without doubt or fear. Acheiving extraordinary results in your career, business and life!


 We will then celebrate with the beverage of your choice, once we slay this giant and reach your goal!    

My coaching program will help you :

  • Get clear on your goals and what it takes to get your desired results. 
  • Increase your motivation.
  • Get unstuck and break through limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. 
  • Together we customize a strategic step by step action plan that fits your needs.
  • Learn the habits and strategies you need to get what you want. 
  • Become more productive and self-disciplined. 
  • Increase your confidence and make a lasting impact in all areas of your life. 
  • Get your butt off the sidelines. Improve your life satisfaction and become a leader and go-getter!
  • Finally, achieve the results you have been struggling to achieve on your own. 

So what do I do next you ask?



My 3 month, Breaking Barriers to Success Coaching Package includes:

  • Weekly 60 minute audio/video coaching sessions for next 3 months. 
  • Summary of coaching call with action steps sent weekly via email. 
  • Unlimited email support 
  • Individualized action plan for success
  • Personalized handouts and resources
  • My personalized feedback and support throughout the program with everything you are working on

During our Discovery Call, I offer a powerful complimentary 15-20 minute session where we will…


  • Uncover what is holding you back from achieving your goal(s)?
  • Discover how working together can help you get the results you have been trying so hard to achieve. 

By clicking on the pink button.

  1. You will be taken to my client scheduler.
  2. Then you will choose a time that works best for you. 
  3. I will then call you on the number provided on the form to discuss with you your goals.  




You’re still reading this!? What are you waiting for? Let’s talk results!